So Much Hate.- How We Feel (1987, Noruega / Norway)

viernes, 7 de marzo de 2008

"How we Feel", es el primer lp. de esta poderosa y antigua banda de Noruega, que cultivaban un machacante hardcore punk con fuertes armonias thrash, compartiendo ese sonido inconfundible de conjuntos como los Británicos de Ripcord y los Holandeses B.G.K.

So Much Hate, también es una de las bandas que aparecen en la serie de discos en vivo "Your Choice Live Series" editado por un sello Alemán a fines de los años ochenta.

So Much Hate lp. 1987

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convertido dijo...

thanks for this post. I received some of their music on a tape years ago. I was much impressed. Sadly, they never got the respect they deserved over here in the US. They were one of the better more original bands from the late 1980s and early 1990s. Thanks again and keep the great posts coming.

Anónimo dijo...

great band, great the way, it has been repressed / re-released by a German label and i think it is still available, it comes with a big lyric sheet and a booklet with a lot of interwiews, it is well worth buying it !!!

on the other hand, if you have the So much hate Your choice live series live LP, that would be really cool if you could post it !!!
cheers, phil