hardcore thrash crossover nº 2

sábado, 9 de febrero de 2008

Wehrmacht: Biermacht, lp. 1989 + Shark Attack, lp. 1987
(new mix lp's + bonus,1997, USA)


Corrossion of Conformity: Animosity (1985, USA)


Lethal Aggression: Life is hard...but thats no excuse at all (1988, USA)


3 comentarios:

ganesha.zine dijo...

heyy buena onda
ahora te meto en los links de ganeshaa

bernard dijo...

i was going to rip my werhmacht lp,s now i dont need too,thank you,also great to get old of lethal aggression/cryptic slaughter again..great posts
new blog up and running ex nuclear armed hogs

Anónimo dijo...

Gracias 'migo...perdon mi espanol es mal. Yo soy "norte americano". Tiendes? jajaja> Rg